How I set up my budget for September

For setting up my budget I use:

  • Bullet journal
  • Erasable pens

Start setting up my budget
Firstly, I write down all my fixed monthly expenses. These expenses are the same every month so I can copy it from my August budget.

Expenses for the month September

Secondly, I write down how much money I will put in my Jars. This month I created new jar, Personal Care. Before this month these purchases came out of my variabel expenses.

Jars for the month of September

Next, I write down my Sinking funds. This month I put more money towards Birthdays. My brother, sister-in-law and their son celebrate their birthdays this month.

Sinking funds for the month September

Last, but certainly not least I write down my Debts. I still have 3, but for 1 I still haven’t received the official note.

My budget is done!

After setting up my budget
At this moment I like to make stickers to glam up my bullet journal and budget. It makes it fun to look at.

Have you made your budget yet?

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